Facebook Sweepstakes Winner List

Welcome to our Facebook Sweepstakes Winners list!  

Here is where you will find all those victorious in our noble challenges!


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  3. If you have won, please email us at FurCode@gmail.com, include the date you won the sweepstakes  and you will receive a return email with instructions on how to claim your prize.
  4. You only have one week from the date you won to claim your prize, so check back often!
Winners are randomly selected by the software that runs the sweepstakes.  No purchase necessary.
And the winners are…
5/3/2013                                                   Donna McDevitt 
4/18/2013                                                  Kaylene End Bsl Bennett
4/7/2013          LUCKYSPOTS4@yahoo.com                    DEBBIE BOYER
4/7/2013          enski@msn.com                            Niki
4/7/2013          crazypupy@hotmail.com                    Michelle Hogan
4/7/2013          biscuitfeeder@yahoo.com                  Keven Frederick
4/7/2013          Jkarma@bellsouth.net                     Julie Ellis
4/7/2013                                                   Katy Wallace
4/7/2013                                                   Bella Herr
4/7/2013                                                   Mitch Uebrick
4/7/2013                                                   Arielle Rose
4/7/2013                                                   Angel Fjelstad