Pet Tag Scan SmartphoneFREE Pet profile included with each tag. Absolutely no fees!

We email you your pet’s FurCode ID and Password. Log into your Pet’s profile and enter the information you wish to share about your pet to include name, descriptions, contacts, veterinarian, medical, dietary needs, vaccinations, registrations & more! The Pet Profile will only display the information you wish to provide. Most importantly, the Pet Profile can be updated at any time. At the very least, we recommend entering your pet’s name and veterinarian contact information.

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Our approach provides you with the ability to update critical information with a few strokes of the keyboard. You can visit your pet’s online profile 24/7 to modify contact, vet, and care information. You can also publish photos or any messages (Missing or Last seen at…). Anyone equipped with a Smartphone or Internet access can quickly scan or type your pet’s FurCode Tag ID to find out where they belong; along with any important info such as diet, medical issues, personality and behavior. Check out these videos and reviews by pet owners and critics from around the globe or view this two minute clip from CBS news on how FurCodes work. Have a question? Visit our FAQ or Contact Us.

Connecting pets and getting them HOME quickly:

“I would like to say a big thank you for your product. I purchased a collar with the FurCode a couple of months ago as my Staffy chewed through everything else I had brought. Today my Apollo got out whilst we weren’t home and I got a call from a lady up the street who got my details off the FurCode website, saying she had found my dog. So grateful thanks again for making a great product.” Jes Triggell

“They are amazing and REALLY do work. I have a great Pyrenees that is a recent rescue and she wanders…Her collar has gotten her home twice in less than an hour! I LOVE these tags!!!” MaryAnn Gimble

“SHAR PEI Rescue Inc are ETERNALLY grateful we found FurCode tags!!!! We haven’t had an escapee for as long as I can remember, however this week we had 2 escapee’s…one in NSW and one in Victoria. Both dogs were back with their foster carers within 1 hour THANKS TO THEIR FURCODE TAGS!!!!! Love them, love them, love them!!!!! Our dogs have been through so much by the time they reach SPR Inc, to ensure they did not end up back in the pound, but instead back safely with us makes us so grateful for this WONDERFUL technology!!!!! Can’t recommend them highly enough!!!” SHAR PEI Rescue Inc

Pets with FurCode QR Tags