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FurCode Tags are Laser Etched Aluminum, Durable, Waterproof, and Work Worldwide. See Selection>>

Free Online Profile – View Demo

Simply log into your pet’s profile and enter the information you wish to share to include: name, descriptions, contacts, veterinarian, medical, dietary needs, vaccinations, registrations & more! The pet profile can be updated at any time for FREE!

location GPS Notifications – View Demo

Our passive GPS approach utilizes web browser geo-location technology. When a FurCode is scanned, our system will capture the location of where the tag was scanned from and immediately notify you.

folderStore Medical Records – View Demo

Everything in one place! Our document management feature within each pet profile allows you to store your pet’s records. Access to your pet’s record(s) can be restricted to:

  • the pet owner only
  • only people that you provide the password to (Groomers, Boarders, Vet)
  • public, anyone who access’s the pet profile

speakerAlert Your Neighbors – View Demo

The FurCode Alert Service allows you to quickly broadcast your Pet’s FurCode Profile to thousands of Facebook members located in your area, town and/or zip code. Access to this service is available to FurCode customers who have purchased the Alert Service add-on ($5.00).

cameraShare Photos – View Demo

Your pet’s free profile enables you to centrally store and share all of your pet’s pictures.